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Hi, I'm Lachlan. A 29 year old software developer
and musician from NSW, Australia.

Life & Experience

Software development, and specifically web development, has been a life long passion of mine. I started learning when I was around 6-7 years old, starting out with flash games and then moving into building websites. I've worked with many languages and frameworks over the many years I've been coding. These include PHP, C#/ASP, Java, Lua, JS/TS/HTML/CSS/Vue/React, Go, Rust, C/C++, VB (and other variations of BASIC), and more. For the past few years I've narrowed my focus down to PHP, C#/ASP.Net core, JS/TS/HTML/CSS/Vue3 and Go. These are the languages I use on a regular basis for both personal and work projects. I am now employed full time as a web/software developer for a small MSP (IT provider).


Deployr is a fullstack web application that connects to GitHub and can automatically build and deploy projects into Docker containers. Deployr itself is built with ASP.Net Core, Vue3/TS and both GraphQL and REST APIs. The reverse proxy is built with ASP.Net Core and YARP. Routes are pushed by Deployr automatically with an internal authenticated REST API, and it automatically provisions LetsEncrypt certificates for configured domains. Deployr can authenticate for both user and organisation repositories and automatically sets up events for pushes and merges on the main branch for automated builds. All this is managed within the Dashboard built with Vue3 and Typescript.

Discord Bots

I've built a variety of Discord bots, both for personal use, shared use and as comission for other communities. Most of my bots are built with .NET Core, some of which also contain user dashboards for management built with Vue3, Typescript and GraphQL. They have served a variety of needs, including live stream notifications (which in some cases means automated token management for Twitch OAUTH APIs), game bots, command bots, moderation bots and more.

Twitch Bots

I have built several Twitch bots for commisions for live streamers and their communities. This includes game bots, command bots, bots for running raffles, tracking and reporting on subs and more. These bots have allowed communities to run events based on subscriptions, automate managing their channels with commands, creating custom shoutouts to show off fellow communities streams and more. Many of these, like the Discord bots, are built in .NET. Some bots have integrations between both Twitch and Discord.
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